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128*160 1.77 Inch St7735 Driver TFT LCD Touch Screen

Product Details

Place of Origin: china

Brand Name: InnoLux

Certification: RoHS

Model Number: YT0177F005

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs

Price: USD 1.6-1.9/ PCS

Packaging Details: 50cm*50cm*60cm

Delivery Time: 20-25

Supply Ability: 1kk/m

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St7735 driver tft lcd touch screen


128*160 1.77 inch lcd panel tft


St7735 driver 1.77 inch lcd panel tft

1.77 Inch
Display Mode:
Normally White
Active Area:
28.03( W) × 35.04(L)
Viewing Angle:
12:00 O'clock
200 Cd/m2
1.77 Inch
Display Mode:
Normally White
Active Area:
28.03( W) × 35.04(L)
Viewing Angle:
12:00 O'clock
200 Cd/m2
128*160 1.77 Inch St7735 Driver TFT LCD Touch Screen

128*160 1.77 Inch St7735 Driver TFT LCD Touch Screen


      The YT0177F005 is a 1.77 (model: ct018tn01) glass panel of Century.The CT018TN01 is a 1.7 inch diagonal a-Si TFT-LCD display panel product from Century. (hereafter called CTC LCD), without backlight, without touch screen. It features an operating temperature range of -20 ~ 70°C , a storage temperature range of -30 ~ 80°C .



Product features


(1) Display type: transmission, TFT, COG;

(2) Display color: 262K;

(3) Driver IC: st7735s

(4) Perspective: 12:00 o'clock

(5) Lattice: 128 × (RGB) (W) × 160 (H) pixels;

(6) Panel: CTC, 1.77 "qqvga TFT




The 1.77 inch display module is mainly used in mobile phones, handheld walkie talkies, children's cameras, children's story machines, smart watches and other fields.


General Specifications


NO.   Item Specification
1   Display resolution (pixel) 128(H) X 160(V),
2   Activearea (mm) 28.032 (H) X 35.04(V)
3   Screen size (inch) 1.77inches diagonal
4   Pixel pitch (mm) 0.073(H) X 0.219 (V)
5   Color configuration B, G, Rvertical Stripe
6   1/6 Cut Weight (g) 603
7   Color Saturation 55%(Module)



12 o’clock
9   Array Glass Outline(mm) 31.832×41.420
10   CF Glass Outline(mm) 31.832×38.390
11   Glass Thickness 0.5mm
12   Cell Gap(typ) 3.85±0.3um
13   Driver IC ST7735S

Outline Dimension (unit: mm)

128*160 1.77 Inch St7735 Driver TFT LCD Touch Screen 0

128*160 1.77 Inch St7735 Driver TFT LCD Touch Screen 1


Related Products


Size Model No. Resolution H V T Golden finger spacing Interface PIN IC
1 YT177B001 128x160 34.70 46.70 2.60   MCU8bit 24 ST7735R
2 YT177B001-V1 128x160 34.70 46.70 2.60   MCU8bit 24 ST7735R
3 YT177B002 128x160 34.70 46.70 2.60   MCU8bit 20 ST7735R
4 YT177B003 128x160 34.70 46.70 2.60   SPISPI 20 ST7735R
5 YT177C004 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.75 P1.0/W0.5 MCU8bit 24 ILI9163B
6 YT177C004-V1 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.75   MCU8bit 24 ILI9163C
7 YT177C005 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.75   MCU8bit 20 ILI9163B
8 YT177C006 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.30   SPISPI 14 ILI9163B
9 YT177C006-V1 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.30   SPISPI 14 ILI9163B
10 YT177C007 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.75   MCU8bit 20 ILI9163B
11 YT177C008 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.75   MCU8bit 31 ST7735R
12 YT177B009 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.75   SPISPI 14 ILI9163C
13 YT177B010 128x160 34.70 46.70 2.60   MCU8bit 24 ILI9163C
14 YT177B011 128x160 34.70 46.70 2.60   SPISPI 17 ST7735R
15 YT177B011-V1 128x160 34.70 46.70 2.60   SPISPI 17 ILI9163C
16 YT177B012 128x160 34.00 45.83 2.75   MCU8bit 31 ILI9163C
17 YT177B013 128x160 34.70 46.70 2.60   MCU8bit 20 ILI9163C
18 YT177B014 128x160 34.00 43.78 2.60   MCU8bit 18 ILI9163C



Why Choose us:


1.Our company established in 2011, and have a long-term cooperation with many well-known company

2.We have a professional r&d team and technical support

3.We have a large number of spot inventory and we can ship delivery asap after payment

4.We are direct agent of these brands,ordering process simple and delivery time short

5.All screen ship from our company has long warranty and we have enough technical support can provide

after-sales service




Q1. How can I trust your product quality?


--Our Raw materials are all ROHS compliant .

--Display is an ISO9001:2008 and ISO9001:2015 Certified company, we’ve been adhering to the ISO standards strictly in our production.

--Our products are 100% Visual and Function test before shipments.

Meanwhile, we do necessary Aging test and Reliability tests to our TFT Display modules, eg. Store and Operate in High and Low Temperature & High Humidity Environment, ESD and anti-interference test , Drop(with package) and Vibration Test.

Our Touch Screens goes through Salt spray test, Hardness test, Steel ball Drop test, Flatness test, Thermal shock test…

--Our experience and proficiency make the qualification rate always being 99.7% or above.


Q2. Which sizes of LCDs and Touch Panels do you provide?


--Small sizes which include: 0.96, 1.22, 1.3, 1.44, 1.54, 1.77, 2.0, 2.4, 2.7, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 3.95, 3.97, 4.3, 5, 5.6, 6.86.

--Middle sizes which include: 7, 8, 9, 10.1, 10.2, 13.3”,14.1",15.6",17",21.5",23


Q3. Can I have a sample order of before formal order?
A: Yes, sample order is always welcome for new projects or replacement of running projects. We have stock of many standard models of TFT LCD modules and Touch screens from 0.96inch to 13.3inch , which means delivery is able to be made the same day as order.


Q4. What is the lead time for Sample order and Mass Production order?
--For LXDisplay standard products, the lead time for samples is usually 1-7 days, for mass production it could be as fast as 10 days.

--For Customized products,

We are able to get new FPC ready in 7days, new Backlight in 15days, and new Capacitive touch panel or Resistive touch panel in 18days.

Mass production of special products could be as fast as 3weeks.

--In summary, based on our years of big output, we have been keeping good relationship with LCD panel, IC and other material suppliers, we had a steady supply even when there was heavy shortage of materials.


Q5. Do you have MOQ requirement?
A: Yes, it depends on different sizes of products. Please refer to our sales, thanks.


Q6. How do I work with you on Customized products?
A: Firstly please provide us the description of your special requirements, any Drawing or Specification---Our engineers will work out the compatible solution and also mould cost (if any)---We provide Drawing and Specification for Approval---We provide samples for approval after reliability test and aging test---We make modification if necessary---We do small quantity of trial order (if required)---We do mass production.


Q7. Can I have my own silk screen Logo, Part Number or small label?
A: Yes, Definitely. It may requires MOQ, please refer to our sales, thanks.


Q8.How long is the warranty and what is your after-sales service?
A: Usually 12 Months.

If there is any defect within 12months from receiving products, please contact our sales, we will respond within 24hours. If we require any product to be returned to us, the shipping cost will be fully paid by us.


Q9. Do you have any shipping account and can you quote favorable shipping cost?

A: Yes, we have been working with DHL, Fedex more than 11 years, our shipping accounts were granted discount as much as 85% off . Please feel free to ask our sales no matter it is sample or formal order shipment.






1.1.Polarizer Cleaning, Petroleum ether (or N-hexane) is recommended for cleaning the front/rear polarizers and reflectors, acetone, toluene and ethanol are not allowed to avoid damaging the surface.

1.2. Body grounding, must wear Anti-ESD wrist strap while pick up LCDs.

1.3. FPC Soldering, less than 300℃/3S, solder must be grounding on grounding bench.

1.4. If use electric Screwdriver to do assembly, screwdriver must be grounding.




2.1. Keep in a sealed polyethylene bag.

2.2. Keep in a dark place.

2.3. Keep in temperature between 0°C and 35°C.

NOT allowed at 70°C for more than 160 Hours, or at -20°C for more than 48 Hrs.




If liquid crystal leak out of a damaged glass cell, DO NOT put it in your mouth or touch eyes, if the liquid crystal touch your skin or clothes, please wash it off immediately using soap and water.




Unless otherwise agreed between ADIA and customer, ADIA will replace or repair any of its LCD modules which are found to be functionally defective when inspected in accordance with ADIA LCD acceptance standards (copies available upon request) for a period of one year from date of shipments. Cosmetic/visual defects over specs must be returned to ADIA within 30 days of shipment. Confirmation of such date shall be based on freight documents. The warranty liability of ADIA limited to repair and/or replacement on the terms set forth above. ADIA shall not be responsible for any subsequent or consequential events.




4.1.No warranty can be granted if the precautions stated above have been disregarded. The typical examples of violations are :

- Broken LCD glass.

- Circuit modified in any way, including addition of components.

4.2.Module repairs will be invoiced to the customer upon mutual agreement. Modules must be returned with sufficient description of the failures or defects. Any connectors or cable installed by the customer must be removed completely without damaging the PCB’s eyelet, conductors and terminals.



Company profile


        Founded in 2011, Shenzhen Yada Xingye Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of LCD, LCM, TFT color LCD, touch screen and industrial serial port screen. And can provide a complete set of display screen and display scheme (PCBA).

       It has a variety of standard and differentiated LCD module (LCM), LCD and TFT color display products. Make LCD and LCM with various specifications and technical requirements according to customer requirements. The products are widely used in instruments, smart phones, tablet computers, POS machines, medical equipment, car machines, intelligent robots, smart home, intelligent wearable products, UAVs, VR / AR eyes, military products and other fields. The products strive to achieve high quality, micro power consumption, fast delivery, reasonable price and timely technical support. With a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad to carry out extensive cooperation, products have won wide market application and recognition.

      The company attaches great importance to product quality and strictly implements IOS9001 and RoHS management. Stable quality, professional technical support and timely service are the commitment of ADIA to customers. Today, the TFT market is more and more widely used. With the consistent persistence, ADIA works hard to create a professional and well-known manufacturer of TFT display screen industry together with customers and suppliers.


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