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2.4inch TN QVGA TFT Display Module 166PPI Tft Lcd Screen 37PIN

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Tianma

Certification: RoHS

Model Number: YT024C023

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs

Price: USD 15-17/ PCS

Packaging Details: Corton:544×365×250(mm) Quantity:504 PCS Weight(Kg):11.8±5%KG

Delivery Time: 20-25

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QVGA TFT Display Module


2.4inch TFT Display Module


166PPI Tft Lcd Screen

Pixel Number:
240(RGB)×20 (QVGA) 166PPI
Screen Type:
RGB Vertical Stripe
Support Color:
53% NTSC 262K
Operating Mode:
TN, Transmissive,Normally White
Response Time:
20 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) Ms
Frame Rate:
Power Supply:
2.8/2.8V (Typ.)(IOVCC/VCC)
Good View At:
12:00 O'clock
Pixel Number:
240(RGB)×20 (QVGA) 166PPI
Screen Type:
RGB Vertical Stripe
Support Color:
53% NTSC 262K
Operating Mode:
TN, Transmissive,Normally White
Response Time:
20 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) Ms
Frame Rate:
Power Supply:
2.8/2.8V (Typ.)(IOVCC/VCC)
Good View At:
12:00 O'clock
2.4inch TN QVGA TFT Display Module 166PPI Tft Lcd Screen 37PIN

2.4.0 inch TN QVGA TFT Display module tft screen tft lcd 37PIN​


     The YT024C023 is a color active matrix TFT-LCD Model using amorphous silicon TFT's (Thin Film Transistors) as an active switching devices. It is a transmissive type display operating in the normal black. This TFT-LCD has a 1.54 inch diagonally measured active area with 240 horizontal by 240 vertical pixel array. Each pixel is divided into Red, Green, Blue dots which are arranged in vertical stripe and this panel can display 262K colors.


General Specifications

NO. Item Specification Unit Remark
1 LCD Size 2.4 inch -
2 Panel Type a-Si TFT-LCD, LCM - -
3 Display Format 240(RGB)×320 115PPI pixel -
4 Display Mode TN, Normally White, Transmissive - -
5 Support Color 262K 53% NTSC - Note
6 Viewing Direction 12:00 o'clock - -
7 Contrast Ratio 500:1 (Typ.) (TM) - -
8 Luminance 200 cd/m² (Typ.) cd/m2 Note
9 Outline Dim 42.72(H)×60.26(V) ×2.45(D) mm mm Note
10 Active Area 36.72(H)×48.96(V) mm mm -
11 Bezel Area - mm -
12 Weight 12.0g (Typ.) g -
13 Touch Panel Without bit -
14 Light Source WLED [1S4P] , 20K hours , W/O Driver - -
15 Interface Type 8/9/16/18-bit 8080 parallel , 37 pins FPC - -
16 Operating Temperature -20~70°C ºC -
17 Storage Temperature -30 ~ 80 °C ºC -


Outline Dimension (unit: mm)

2.4inch TN QVGA TFT Display Module 166PPI Tft Lcd Screen 37PIN 0



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Size Model No. Resolution Outline dimension
(LCM) H*V*T(mm)
Interface View direction
2.31 YT023H003 320*240 50.80*45.80*2.46 MCU/SPI 12 O'Clock
2.4 YT024H001 240*320 42.72*60.26*2.25 MCU 12 O'Clock
2.4 YT024C017 240*320 42.72*60.26*2.25 SPI+RGB/MCU ALL
2.8 YT028H003 240*320 50.00*69.20*2.40 MCU ALL
2.8 YT028I001 240*320 50.00*69.20*2.40 MCU 12 O'Clock
3.5 YT035F001 320*480 54.66*82.94*2.20 MIPI 12 O'Clock
3.5 YT035C025 320*480 55.00*84.71*2.25 MCU/SPI ALL
3.5 YT043H007 480*800 62.46*105.9*2.20 SPI+RGB ALL
4 YT043H012 480*800 62.46*105.9*2.20 MIPI 12 O'Clock
4.3 YT445H006 480*854 60.04*109.42*1.95 RGB ALL
4.5 YT045I001 480*854 60.00*109.00*1.85 MIPI ALL
5 YT050B008 720*1280 64.70*118.70*1.55 MIPI ALL
5 YT050C001 1080*1920 64.9*119.75*2.2 RGB ALL
5 YT055H005-V1 480*800 70.34*128.11*2.05 RGB ALL
5.5 YT055B001 1080*1920 71.00*129.56*1.50 MIPI ALL





Why Choose us:

1.Our company established in 2011, and have a long-term cooperation with many well-known company.

2.We have a professional r&d team and technical support.

3.We have a large number of spot inventory and we can ship delivery asap after payment.

4.We are direct agent of these brands,ordering process simple and delivery time short.

5.All screen ship from our company has long warranty and we have enough technical support can provide after-sales service.


Precautions for Use of LCD Modules
1.1 Handling Precautions
1.1.1 The display panel is made of glass. Do not subject it to a mechanical shock by dropping it from a high place, etc.
1.1.2 If the display panel is damaged and the liquid crystal substance inside it leaks out, be sure not to get any in your mouth, if the substance comes into contact with your skin or clothes,promptly wash it off using soap and water.
1.1.3 Do not apply excessive force to the display surface or the adjoining areas since this may
cause the color tone to vary.
1.1.4 The polarizer covering the display surface of the LCD module is soft and easily scratched.
Handle this polarizer carefully.
1.1.5 If the display surface is contaMinated, breathe on the surface and gently wipe it with a
soft dry cloth. If still not completely clear, moisten cloth with one of the following solvents:
-Isopropyl alcohol
-Ethyl alcohol
Solvents other than those mentioned above may damage the polarizer. Especially, do not use the
-Aromatic solvents
1.1.6 Do not attempt to disassemble the LCD Module.
1.1.7 If the logic circuit power is off, do not apply the input signals.
1.1.8 To prevent destruction of the elements by static electricity, be careful to maintain an
optimum work environment. Be sure to ground the body when handling the LCD Modules. Tools required for assembly, such as soldering irons, must be properly ground. To reduce the amount of static electricity generated, do not conduct assembly and other work under dry conditions. The LCD Module is coated with a film to protect the display surface. Be care when peeling off this protective film since static electricity may be generated.
1.2 Storage precautions
1.2.1 When storing the LCD modules, avoid exposure to direct sunlight or to the light of fluorescent lamps.
1.2.2 The LCD modules should be stored under the storage temperature range. If the LCD modules will be stored for a long time, the recommend condition is:
Temperature : 0°C~ 40°C Relatively humidity: <80%
1.2.3 The LCD modules should be stored in the room without acid, alkali and harmful gas.
1.3 Transportation Precautions
1.3.1 The LCD modules should be no falling and violent shocking during transportation, and also should avoid excessive press, water, damp and sunshine.



Q1. How can I trust your product quality?


--Our Raw materials are all ROHS compliant .

--Display is an ISO9001:2008 and ISO9001:2015 Certified company, we’ve been adhering to the ISO standards strictly in our production.

--Our products are 100% Visual and Function test before shipments.

Meanwhile, we do necessary Aging test and Reliability tests to our TFT Display modules, eg. Store and Operate in High and Low Temperature & High Humidity Environment, ESD and anti-interference test , Drop(with package) and Vibration Test.

Our Touch Screens goes through Salt spray test, Hardness test, Steel ball Drop test, Flatness test, Thermal shock test…

--Our experience and proficiency make the qualification rate always being 99.7% or above.

Q2. Which sizes of LCDs and Touch Panels do you provide?


--Small sizes which include: 0.96, 1.22, 1.3, 1.44, 1.54, 1.77, 2.0, 2.4, 2.7, 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 3.95, 3.97, 4.3, 5, 5.6, 6.86.

--Middle sizes which include: 7, 8, 9, 10.1, 10.2, 13.3”,14.1",15.6",17",21.5",23

Q3. Can I have a sample order of before formal order?
A: Yes, sample order is always welcome for new projects or replacement of running projects. We have stock of many standard models of TFT LCD modules and Touch screens from 0.96inch to 13.3inch , which means delivery is able to be made the same day as order.

Q4. What is the lead time for Sample order and Mass Production order?
--For LXDisplay standard products, the lead time for samples is usually 1-7 days, for mass production it could be as fast as 10 days.

--For Customized products,

We are able to get new FPC ready in 7days, new Backlight in 15days, and new Capacitive touch panel or Resistive touch panel in 18days.

Mass production of special products could be as fast as 3weeks.

--In summary, based on our years of big output, we have been keeping good relationship with LCD panel, IC and other material suppliers, we had a steady supply even when there was heavy shortage of materials.

Q5. Do you have MOQ requirement?
A: Yes, it depends on different sizes of products. Please refer to our sales, thanks.

Q6. How do I work with you on Customized products?
A: Firstly please provide us the description of your special requirements, any Drawing or Specification---Our engineers will work out the compatible solution and also mould cost (if any)---We provide Drawing and Specification for Approval---We provide samples for approval after reliability test and aging test---We make modification if necessary---We do small quantity of trial order (if required)---We do mass production.

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